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I am qualified to issue a Home Buyers Survey or House Survey by checking on the safety of the Gas Installation and Electrical Installation which can be used for a variety of uses. I cover all West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Berks, Surrey and Greater London and some surrounding areas. I do sometimes go further out depending on how much the order value is. I cover London on alternate weekends and if I'm not working on the weekend you need me, I have a very good friend who you can use. We used to work together and he's a really good, honest guy. Some of the major towns I cover are listed on this page.

Home Buyers Survey Or Report Says I Should Get Gas & Electrical Checks Done.

I hear this a lot. You're presumably buying a new house and, rightly, you've had a survey carried out by an experienced Surveyor. On the report, it will mention that the gas installation and electrical installations have not been checked and that they should be checked. Your Surveyor is not a Gas Safe registered engineer and nor is he an NICEIC registered electrician and is unable to check whether the wiring, fuse board, sockets, central heating, radiators, heating controls and boiler are in a safe and working condition.

The Surveyor has done his or her job and advised you what to do next. It covers their back in case of there being something seriously wrong.

Why Do I Need A Home Buyers Survey For Gas & Electric Safety?

Your boiler could be dangerous because of a gas leak or not working efficiently due to not being serviced properly for a long time. It could have an internal water leak which could be causing corrosion. It may not have been fitted properly by a Gas Safe registered engineer. There could be problems with the heating system or heating controls not working properly or efficiently.

The wiring could be unsafe due to overloading or heat damage. Sometimes wrongly sized cables are used to connect cookers or showers which require more power than the average socket. Sometimes the fuse box needs upgrading to a new consumer unit with fully protected RCD's which can isolate the power due to an electrical fault- potentially saving lives. Sometimes there are cracked sockets or dangerous pendant lighting which could become live.

You need to have the gas and electrical safety checks carried out for safety reasons.

How Much Is a Home Buyer Report For Gas And Electrical Installation?

I charge £175 which covers the gas and electrical installations in the property you are buying or selling.

What's covered?

  • full boiler safety check including the inside of the boiler
  • full flue gas analysis and readings
  • a check of heating controls for function and reliability
  • a check of the hot water cylinder for function and reliability
  • a full electrical installation condition report
  • a check for any broken sockets
  • a full check of the wiring
  • a full check of the fuse board
  • advice on all the above in regards to safety, condition and future reliability

A boiler service is charged at extra cost.

Prices for the rest of my services are here.

What Does A Sample Gas And Electrical Certificate Look Like?

Click to see a sample Gas Safety Certificate.

Click to see a sample Electrical Installation Condition Report.




I don't do repairs. I'm independent and honest and not looking to make money on 'repairs' that don't even exist.

This potentially saves you thousands on a new boiler or new wiring.


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