£45 Cheap Boiler Service Stoke

Looking for cheap gas boiler servicing in Stoke? I'm a boiler service engineer in Stoke and surrounding areas. I'm Gas Safe Registered and, importantly, always carry my ID cards with me.

If you're looking for a boiler engineer to service your boiler or you want to combine the service with a landlord or homeowner gas safety certificate then give me a call, or better still, book online.

As well as servicing your boiler annually, I can also issue electrical safety certificates and gas safety certificates.

Why Do I Need An Annual Boiler Service?

Most people have their boilers serviced so they run more efficiently and save them money in the long run with lower running cost and fewer breakdowns. Regularly serviced boilers break down less – that's just common sense. Another reason why customers have their boilers serviced is to maintain their manufacture warranty or guarantee. All boiler manufacturers provide guarantees for their boilers for a number of years but this is only valid if the boiler is serviced on an annual basis.

What Does A Boiler Service Consist Of?

A gas boiler service consists of the following:

  • inspection of all safety controls to ensure they are working safely
  • full internal inspection of the boiler
  • full inspection of boiler casing and seals to ensure there are no defects or leaks present
  • a test to determine the gas rating/input of the boiler to ensure it is working efficiently
  • an adjustment to the gas valve to provide further efficiency – if applicable
  • a gas analyser is used to test the 'emissions' of your flue to ensure the boiler is burning safely
  • cleaning of internal parts as necessary
  • a safety report to document what has been done
  • the signing of the boiler 'benchmark' service book to prove a service was undertaken

NB. When servicing a gas boiler, parts are not necessarily changed like they are on car services. Often, if faults are identified and there are obvious leaks then seals and washers are changed. Most competent gas engineers will have these consumables in their van and won't charge for them.



I don't do repairs. I'm independent and honest and not looking to make money on 'repairs' that don't even exist.

This potentially saves you thousands on a new boiler or new wiring.


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