Fuse Board Replacement Cost

I am qualified to supply and fit a new replacement fuse board. I'll explain below how to work out a new fuse board replacement cost! Note, I am qualified to issue you an Electrical Installation Certificate which must be provided by a competent electrician when a fuse board or consumer unit is replaced.

I am also able to certify work carried out by other electricians. As you can see from the link above, an Electrical Installation Certificate must be issued when a new fuse board is replaced, if a new circuit is installed or if there's a new extension.

I cover all West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Berks, Surrey and Greater London and some surrounding areas. I do sometimes go further out depending on how much the order value is.

I cover London on alternate weekends and if I'm not working on the weekend you need me, I have a very good friend who you can use. We used to work together and he's a really good, honest guy. Some of the major towns I cover are listed on this page.

Why Replace Your Fuse Board?

There is no legal requirement to replace an existing old fuse box with a new consumer unit. If you have an Electrical Installation Condition Report that states your installation and fuse box is safe then you don't have to do a thing. However, many homeowners and landlords will have an old fuse box changed as a matter of safety when upgrading a property or when they think it looks tired and old.

Modern consumer units are much safer because they trip (isolate or turn off) the power much faster in the event of an electrical fault. They are also much more convenient when minor nuisance tripping occurs.

If you are having your wiring upgraded as well as having the fuse box replaced then the complete installation must be tested to ensure that everything is working OK. The number of electrical circuits will dictate how long the testing will take.

The Process Of Replacing Your Fuse Board.

How to work out the time it takes for a fuse board replacement: the length of time it takes to replace a fuse board depends on the number of circuits your property has. You can have a quick look at your fuse board and determine how many you have. An example of a circuit is 'upstairs sockets' or 'downstairs lights' or 'cooker'. Count them all up and you will have the number. The average number of electrical sockets in a property is 6 or 7.

Once you have determined the number of circuits you will be able to get a quote.

Once the work has been carried out the electrician will complete testing and inspection of the new board. The results will be recorded on an Electrical Installation Certificate and a copy will be provided to the homeowner. Important note, you should always use an NICEIC registered electrician because the details of your job will be logged with Building Control automatically and included in your quoted price. If you decide to use a non NICEIC registered electrician and decide later to call Building Control to register your work you could either 1) face difficulties or 2)have to pay a few hundred pounds for the privilege.

Fuse Board Replacement Cost.

The total cost of replacing the fuse board should include all labour and materials and the board itself. The price should also include an Electrical Installation Certificate.

The new consumer unit and all materials should cost around £150. Replacing a fuse board takes 4-7 hours.

The average cost (all inclusive) to replace a fuse board is between £400 and £500. That price assumes you are replacing an old fuse box with an RCD consumer unit on an average 3 bedroom semi-detached hours with 6-12 circuits.

A more precise cost of replacing a consumer unit is below:

CircuitsAve. costDuration
6£4004 hours
10£4505 hours
12£5006 hours

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