CP12 Certificate | What is a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate

You're probably here because you're a landlord and you're after a CP12 certificate. CP12 stands for Corgi Proforma 12 which was the form that landlords that wanted to let a property used to require prior to 2009. Around that time CORGI was the governing body for all gas engineers but that all changed in April 2009 when they ceased to exist. Since 2009 the Gas Safe Register is the governing body for gas engineers and all engineers are required, by law, to register with them.

This, in effect, means that the actual CP12 certificate forms are no longer used. The term is out of date and gas safety certificates and gas safety records no longer mention the term CP12.

If you're a landlord you now require a 'gas safety certificate' which, if the correct terminology is used, is also referred to as a gas safety record.

Some letting agents will still be using CP12 and experienced Gas Safe registered engineers will understand what you are asking for if you still want to use the term.

What's the difference between a CP12 certificate and a gas safety certificate?

There's no difference. The tests and inspections and the fields of the form are still the same.

Cost of a CP12 Certificate

£50 – for up to 3 gas appliances.

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I don't do repairs. I'm independent and honest and not looking to make money on 'repairs' that don't even exist.

This potentially saves you thousands on a new boiler or new wiring.


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